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I came to CLADC after reluctantly having to turn down a fellowship opportunity with IJM.  I thought – if God has me here in DC, then what can I be doing with the talents God has given me to serve my neighbors here?  Not only does CLADC provide such opportunities, but they provide it wholeheartedly and without discouraging or time-consuming hoops to jump through.  I took a very helpful orientation class, but other than that I just jumped right in, meeting with clients at the clinic, hearing their stories, and using CLADC’s resources to advise on next steps.  It’s a great opportunity for me as an attorney to meet with real clients who need tangible help and expand the scope of my legal abilities.  It’s so encouraging how the “next steps” that we can discern for the client can be of great benefit to those who may not have access to basic resources and advisements.  Even more importantly, I get to listen and connect with people who are in need of hearing about the hope we have in Jesus, and let them know that our Lord cares about their struggles too.  I cannot be more thankful for CLADC, for both the work they do to serve our neighbors and the new meaning and life they give to my practice of law.

Amanda W., Attorney

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