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Issues (coming soon)


1. Understanding what it means to be poor. Being poor is an economic condition, yes, but it is also a social condition that requires systemic reform. The Bible also refers to being "poor in spirit" (Matthew 5:3). What does this mean for us as volunteers? What can we learn from our clients? How can we establish a meaningful relationship with our clients, not just a one-sided transaction?


2. Seeing volunteer work as a matter of justice, not charity. If we truly believe this, what implications would this perspective have for us in terms of making time and engaging holistically (giving our time, money, and talent)? What other currency (e.g., social capital, credibility) do we possess that we can offer?


3. Seeking thoughtful Christian cultural engagement in a time of skepticism. While we may share the same fundamental worldview as other Christians who have been making headlines recently, how we express what we believe in the public sphere matters. How can CLADC help shape public perceptions about Christian cultural engagement as a byproduct of what we do?


4. Communicating thoughtful Christian cultural engagement, particularly for Christian Millennials. At a time of increasing skepticism about institutions, particularly churches, is there an opportunity for us to provide a platform especially for Millennial Christians who desire to express their faith through working on issues related to advancing social justice? What common ground do we share with other individuals, groups and organizations regardless of faith or motivation? How might we thoughtfully partner with them?


5. Using "Christian" as an adjective, not just a noun. What's the difference between so-called secular legal aid and Christian legal aid? Why should this matter? When does it not, especially if the goal is to provide quality legal services for those in need?



These are some of the issues we hope to explore together through personal reflections, blog posts, book reviews and sharing of other resources. There are other issues we hope to address, utilizing CLADC as a platform to push our thinking, while still remaining cognizant of our core objectives to provide quality legal services to our clients. If you have additional thoughts or ideas, please contact us.

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